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unclouded  (ʌnˈklaʊdɪd) 



  1. not cloudy or overcast   ⇒ I was grateful for those unclouded skies from which the light shone so radiantly.
  2. not milky or dull   ⇒ His eyes were blue and unclouded.
  3. not made gloomy or depressed   ⇒ It should have been a day of unclouded happiness for everybody.,   ⇒ The future was unclouded then.
  4. not confused or impaired   ⇒ It is very important that those who practise divination have clear, unclouded minds and emotions.

Example Sentences Including 'unclouded'

In the East, which had remained unclouded , the sky was beginning to grow pale.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
As we drove along Mumbles Road the sun was high in an unclouded sky, the tide was halfway in and the sea was blue.
Secombe, Fred Goodbye Curate
She was a wonderment, when he saw her like this, with unclouded eyes.
Clive Barker SACRAMENT (2001)


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