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underpants (ˈʌndəˌpænts Pronunciation for underpants


plural noun

  1. a man's undergarment covering the body from the waist or hips to the top of the thighs or knees Often shortened to: pants

Translations for 'underpants'

  • British English: underpantsPronunciation for underpants Underpants are a piece of underwear with two holes for your legs and elastic around the waist. Underpants refers only to men's underwear....white cotton underpants.ˈʌndəˌpænts NOUN
  • Arabic: سِرْوالٌ تَـحْتِيّPronunciation for سِرْوالٌ تَـحْتِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cuecaPronunciation for cueca
  • Chinese: 内衣裤Pronunciation for 内衣裤
  • Croatian: muške gaćePronunciation for muške gaće
  • Czech: slipyPronunciation for slipy
  • Danish: underbukserPronunciation for underbukser
  • Dutch: onderbroekPronunciation for onderbroek
  • European Spanish: calzoncillosPronunciation for calzoncillos
  • Finnish: alushousutPronunciation for alushousut
  • French: slipPronunciation for slip
  • German: UnterhosePronunciation for Unterhose
  • Greek: εσώρουχοPronunciation for εσώρουχο
  • Italian: mutandePronunciation for mutande
  • Japanese: パンツPronunciation for パンツ下着
  • Korean: 속바지Pronunciation for 속바지
  • Norwegian: underbukserPronunciation for underbukser
  • Polish: slipyPronunciation for slipy
  • Portuguese: cuecasPronunciation for cuecas
  • Romanian: indispensabili
  • Russian: мужские трусыPronunciation for мужские трусы
  • Spanish: calzoncillosPronunciation for calzoncillos
  • Swedish: kalsongerPronunciation for kalsonger
  • Thai: กางเกงชั้นในของผู้ชายPronunciation for กางเกงชั้นในของผู้ชาย
  • Turkish: şortPronunciation for şorterkek iç çamaşırı
  • Ukrainian: труси (чоловічі)
  • Vietnamese: quần đùiPronunciation for quần đùi

Example Sentences Including 'underpants'

In amongst the heap of clothes on the floor I noticed a discarded pair of men's underpants that were not my own.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
Cherry was lying in the shade of the camper in a bra and underpants , drinking from a water can.
O'Connor, Joe Desperadoes
O'Leary obeyed, wrenching the trousers and underpants from off the corpse.
Butterworth, Michael The Five Million Dollar Prince


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