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unmitigated (ʌnˈmɪtɪˌɡeɪtɪd Pronunciation for unmitigated



  1. not diminished in intensity, severity, etc
  2. (prenominal) (intensifier)   ⇒ an unmitigated disaster

Derived Forms

unˈmitiˌgatedly adverb


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= unrelieved, relentless, unalleviated, intense, harsh, grim, persistent, oppressive, unbroken, unqualified, unabated, undiminished, unmodified, unredeemed

Translations for 'unmitigated'

  • British English: unmitigated You use unmitigated to emphasize that a bad situation or quality is totally bad. ADJECTIVELast year's cotton crop was an unmitigated disaster.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: não mitigado
  • Chinese: 全然的 >强调糟糕程度
  • European Spanish: absoluto absoluta
  • French: absolu absolue
  • German: total
  • Italian: totale
  • Japanese: >まったくの悪いことを強調して
  • Korean: > 악화된더할 나위 없이
  • Portuguese: não mitigado não mitigada
  • Spanish: absoluto absoluta

Example Sentences Including 'unmitigated'

If Scott-Hughes or the boys from Coastal Command were listening, there was the potential for an unmitigated disaster.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
Now, she would gladly exchange unmitigated boredom for the quivering nerves that alerted her to every shadow.
Fraser, Anthea Pretty Maids all in a Row
You killed her in a car smash, and now you're trying to concoct some unmitigated crap to explain away your guilt.
Dobbs, Michael The Touch of Innocents


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