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Ushant (ˈʌʃənt Pronunciation for Ushant



  1. an island off the NW coast of France, at the tip of Brittany: scene of naval battles in 1778 and 1794 between France and Britain. Area: about 16 sq km (6 sq miles) French name: Ouessant

Example Sentences Including 'Ushant'

But in July the Brest and Channel fleets fought an indecisive action off Ushant.
French, David The British way in Warfare - 1688-2000
In their first 18 days at sea after setting off from Ushant , they have sailed more than 7,000 miles.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Their average speed since the departure from Ushant 28 days ago has also gone from 23 to 24.4 knots since last Friday.
Yachting Boating World (2005)


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