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Veneto (Italian ˈvɛːneto) 



  1. a region of NE Italy, on the Adriatic: mountainous in the north with a fertile plain in the south, crossed by the Rivers Po, Adige, and Piave. Capital: Venice. Pop: 4 577 408 (2003 est). Area: 18 377 sq km (7095 sq miles) Also called: Venezia-Euganea,  (veˈnɛttsja eʊˈɡaːnea) 

Example Sentences Including 'Veneto'

Artists ' paintings from the Veneto region will also be featured.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
Begin at the tourist office at Via Vittorio Veneto 46, just north of the Palace of Justice in Piazzale Vittorio Emanuele.
Delaforce, Patrick Collins Traveller-Tuscany and Florence
Dandenong jumped on Bulleen at the Veneto Club, outscoring the Boomers 25-13 in the first quarter.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2005)
The Veneto blends a hi-tech atmosphere with a passion for cooking, with its aluminium colour edges and fresh decor.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
The elementary school in the Veneto village of Coste still has a rainbow peace flag hanging alongside the Italian, EU and regional flag.
Spiked (2003)
`I don't know how good I'd be as a husband, Tamar," Leo Galupi apologized one evening in a trattoria on the Via Veneto.
Adair, Tom (Intro) Three Kinds of Kissing - Scottish Short Stories


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