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vertiginously (vɜːˈtɪdʒɪnəslɪ) 



  1. in such a way as to be of, relating to, or having vertigo
  2. in a manner that produces dizziness
  3. in a whirling manner
  4. in such a way as to be changeable or unstable

vertiginous (vɜːˈtɪdʒɪnəs Pronunciation for vertiginous



  1. of, relating to, or having vertigo
  2. producing dizziness
  3. whirling
  4. changeable; unstable

Derived Forms

verˈtiginously adverb
verˈtiginousness noun

Word Origin

C17: from Latin vertīginōsus, from vertigo

Example Sentences Including 'vertiginously'

For the trail next turns vertiginously along the sheerest cliff I could imagine: it hangs on by its lithological fingernails.
Richard Fortey THE EARTH: An Intimate History (2004)
The permanent exhibition gallery has a glass entrance angled vertiginously like a gigantic prism, set against black for dramatic effect.
Independent (1998)
Through his mixed parentage, Kureishi has, like Azhar," lived history, vertiginously irrational and not taught in his school...".
India Today (1997)


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