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vintage  (ˈvɪntɪdʒ



  1. the wine obtained from a harvest of grapes, esp in an outstandingly good year, referred to by the year involved, the district, or the vineyard
  2. the harvest from which such a wine is obtained
    1. the harvesting of wine grapes
    2. the season of harvesting these grapes or for making wine
  3. a time of origin   ⇒ a car of Edwardian vintage
  4. (informal) a group of people or objects of the same period   ⇒ a fashion of last season's vintage


  1. (of wine) of an outstandingly good year
  2. representative of the best and most typical   ⇒ vintage Shakespeare
  3. of lasting interest and importance; venerable; classic   ⇒ vintage films
  4. old-fashioned; dated


  1. (transitive) to gather (grapes) or make (wine)

Word Origin

C15: from Old French vendage (influenced by vintener vintner), from Latin vindēmia, from vīnum wine, grape + dēmere to take away (from dē- away + emere to take)

Translations for 'vintage'

  • British English: vintage The vintage of a good quality wine is the year and place that it was made before being stored to improve it. NOUNThis wine is from one of the two best vintages of the decade in this region.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: safra
  • Chinese: > 生产年份和地点优质葡萄酒的> 生产產年份和地点點
  • European Spanish: cosecha
  • French: millésime
  • German: Jahrgang
  • Italian: annata
  • Japanese: ワインの生産された年と場所
  • Korean: 특정 양조 연도의 고급 포도주
  • Portuguese: safra
  • Spanish: cosecha
  • British English: vintage Vintage wine is good quality wine that has been stored for several years in order to improve its quality. ADJECTIVEIf you can buy only one case at auction, it should be vintage port.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: vintage
  • Chinese: > 佳酿的优质葡萄酒的> 佳酿<TRAD>釀</TRAD>的產年份和地点點
  • European Spanish: excelente
  • French: millésimé millésimée
  • German: Jahrgangs-
  • Italian: d'annata
  • Japanese: 当たり年の
  • Korean: 특정 양조 연도의 고급 포도주의
  • Portuguese: vintage
  • Spanish: excelente

Example Sentences Including 'vintage'

`Perhaps you could try talking to them instead of going on about vintage cars like a tit.
Edward Docx THE CALLIGRAPHER (2003)
He found Scott-Hughes in the driveway, behind the wheel of a vintage Morgan roadster.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
In other words, what is most expedient to protect the vintage.
Forbes, Bryan The Endless Game


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