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Virgin Mary



  1. Mary, the mother of Christ Also called: the Virgin

Example Sentences Including 'Virgin Mary'

A matching shrine on the mainland held a statue of the Virgin Mary.
Pamela Petro THE SLOW BREATH OF STONE: A Romanesque Love Story (2005)
A picture of the'Holy Virgin Mary ' that involved elephant dung caused particular offence.
Spiked (2003)
He could not recall how exactly Jesus was related to John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
In the last week of school she had abducted a statue of the Virgin Mary.
Misc (1999)
It came off the small statuette of the Virgin Mary that Grace kept on her bedside table.
Stewart, Michael Grace
On the wooden headboard there is a painting of the Virgin Mary , surrounded by angels.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
The third figure was of the Virgin Mary , in a light blue gown.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
Worth a try, we'd say, even without an image of the Virgin Mary on it.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)


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