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Definitions of visual aids

visual aids


plural noun

  1. devices, such as films, slides, models, and blackboards, that display in visual form material to be understood or remembered

visual aid  (ˈvɪʒʊəl eɪd) 



  1. a device, such as a film, slide, model,or blackboard that is intended to supplement spoken information to aid understanding   ⇒ You can use a flip chart and other visual aids, although these will be secondary to the spoken word.
  2. something used to help vision, for example a magnifying glass   ⇒ Using a large hand mirror as a visual aid, take a few minutes to examine your genitals and identify the various anatomical structures.

Example Sentences Including 'visual aids'

It was lined with books, especially encyclopaedias and compendia of visual aids.
Hilton, John Buxton The Innocents at Home (A Superintendent Kenworthy novel)


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