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viva1 (ˈviːvə Pronunciation for viva1



  1. long live; up with (a specified person or thing)

Word Origin

C17: from Italian, literally: may (he) live! from vivere to live, from Latin vīvere

viva2 (ˈvaɪvə Pronunciation for viva2 (British)



  1. an oral examination


-vas, -vaing, -vaed (transitive)
  1. to examine orally

Word Origin

shortened from viva voce

Example Sentences Including 'viva'

But he vehemently denied that they ever chanted "Viva Naas Botha viva !
SA Star (2005)
Death to... viva... we are a coalition... we are a mirror... your mirror.
David Cavanagh MUSIC FOR BOYS (2003)
The central sketch portrayed a PhD candidate, played by Derek Mould, undergoing his viva examination.
Brenda Maddox ROSALIND FRANKLIN (2002)
The principles of research and medical statistics are formally tested in an academic viva which is part of the exit exam.
British Medical Journal (2002)


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