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vulgar (ˈvʌlɡə Pronunciation for vulgar



  1. marked by lack of taste, culture, delicacy, manners, etc   ⇒ vulgar behaviour, vulgar language
  2. (often capital; usually prenominal) denoting a form of a language, esp of Latin, current among common people, esp at a period when the formal language is archaic and not in general spoken use
  3. (archaic)
    1. of, relating to, or current among the great mass of common people, in contrast to the educated, cultured, or privileged; ordinary
    2. (as collective noun; preceded by the)   ⇒ the vulgar

Derived Forms

ˈvulgarly adverb

Word Origin

C14: from Latin vulgāris belonging to the multitude, from vulgus the common people

Quotations including 'vulgar'

  • "It's worse than wicked, my dear, it's vulgar" [Punch]

Translations for 'vulgar'

  • British English: vulgarPronunciation for vulgar If you describe something as vulgar, you think it is in bad taste or of poor artistic quality.I think it's a very vulgar house.ˈvʌlɡə ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: سُوْقِيّPronunciation for سُوْقِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: vulgarPronunciation for vulgar
  • Chinese: 粗俗的Pronunciation for 粗俗的
  • Croatian: vulgaranPronunciation for vulgaran vulgarna
  • Czech: nevkusnýPronunciation for nevkusný
  • Danish: vulgærPronunciation for vulgær
  • Dutch: vulgairPronunciation for vulgair
  • European Spanish: vulgarPronunciation for vulgar
  • Finnish: rahvaanomainenPronunciation for rahvaanomainen
  • French: vulgairePronunciation for vulgaire
  • German: vulgärPronunciation for vulgär
  • Greek: χυδαίοςPronunciation for χυδαίος χυδαία
  • Italian: volgarePronunciation for volgare
  • Japanese: 低俗なPronunciation for 低俗な
  • Korean: 저속한Pronunciation for 저속한
  • Norwegian: vulgærPronunciation for vulgær
  • Polish: wulgarnyPronunciation for wulgarny wulgarna
  • Portuguese: ordinárioPronunciation for ordinário ordinária
  • Romanian: vulgar vulgară, vulgari, vulgare
  • Russian: вульгарныйPronunciation for вульгарный вульгарная
  • Spanish: vulgarPronunciation for vulgar
  • Swedish: vulgärPronunciation for vulgär vulgärt
  • Thai: หยาบคาย ขาดความประณีตPronunciation for หยาบคาย ขาดความประณีต
  • Turkish: kabaPronunciation for kabainsan
  • Ukrainian: вульгарний
  • Vietnamese: tục tĩuPronunciation for tục tĩu

Example Sentences Including 'vulgar'

She was a businesswoman now; it was only natural for her to be crude and vulgar.
Smith, Evelyn E Miss Melville Regrets
It is hideous and vulgar , a modern square of coppery smoked glass with gilded aluminium balconies.
various & introduction by Deirdre Chapman A Roomful of Birds - Scottish short stories 1990
His own offering of spring flowers, still lying on the table, seemed vulgar by comparison.
Fraser, Anthea Death Speaks Softly


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