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wafer  (ˈweɪfə



  1. a thin crisp sweetened biscuit with different flavourings, served with ice cream, etc
  2. (Christianity) a thin disc of unleavened bread used in the Eucharist as celebrated by the Western Church
  3. (pharmacology) an envelope of rice paper enclosing a medicament
  4. (electronics) a large single crystal of semiconductor material, such as silicon, on which numerous integrated circuits are manufactured and then separated
  5. a small thin disc of adhesive material used to seal letters, documents, etc


  1. (transitive) to seal, fasten, or attach with a wafer

Derived Forms

ˈwafer-ˌlike, ˈwafery  adjective

Word Origin

C14: from Old Northern French waufre, from Middle Low German wāfel; related to waffle1

Translations for 'wafer'

  • British English: wafer A wafer is a thin crisp biscuit, often eaten with ice cream.ˈweɪfə NOUN
  • Arabic: بِسْكُوتٌ وَيْفَر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: biscoito
  • Chinese: 薄饼
  • Croatian: oblatna
  • Czech: oplatka
  • Danish: vaffel
  • Dutch: wafel
  • European Spanish: gofre
  • Finnish: vohvelikeksi
  • French: gaufrette
  • German: Waffel
  • Greek: γκοφρέτα
  • Italian: wafer
  • Japanese: ウエハース
  • Korean: 웨이퍼
  • Norwegian: vaffelkjeks
  • Polish: wafel
  • Portuguese: biscoito
  • Romanian: vafă vafe
  • Russian: вафля
  • Spanish: oblea
  • Swedish: rånkex
  • Thai: ขนมปังกรอบบางรสหวานมักกินกับไอศกรีม
  • Turkish: gofret
  • Ukrainian: вафля
  • Vietnamese: bánh xốp

Example Sentences Including 'wafer'

He gave Frodo water and an additional wafer of the waybread, and he made a pillow of his cloak for his master's head.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
Sharing a wafer of lembas, and munching it as best they could with their parched mouths, Frodo and Sam plodded on.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
The company's just bought Inmost, and that means wafer scale technology and transputers.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven


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