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waltz (wɔːls Pronunciation for waltz



  1. a ballroom dance in triple time in which couples spin around as they progress round the room
  2. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance


  1. to dance or lead (someone) in or as in a waltz   ⇒ he waltzed her off her feet
  2. (intransitive) to move in a sprightly and self-assured manner
  3. (intransitive) (informal) to succeed easily

Derived Forms

ˈwaltzˌlike adjective

Word Origin

C18: from German Walzer, from Middle High German walzen to roll; compare welter

Translations for 'waltz'

  • British English: waltzPronunciation for waltz A waltz is a piece of music which people can dance to....Tchaikovsky's `Waltz of the Flowers'.wɔːls NOUNmusic
  • Arabic: رَقْصَةُ الفَالْسPronunciation for رَقْصَةُ الفَالْس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: valsaPronunciation for valsa
  • Chinese: 华尔兹Pronunciation for 华尔兹
  • Croatian: valcerPronunciation for valcer
  • Czech: valčíkPronunciation for valčík
  • Danish: valsPronunciation for vals
  • Dutch: walsPronunciation for walsmuziek
  • European Spanish: valsPronunciation for vals
  • Finnish: valssiPronunciation for valssi
  • French: valsePronunciation for valse
  • German: WalzerPronunciation for Walzer Walzer
  • Greek: βαλςPronunciation for βαλς
  • Italian: valzerPronunciation for valzer
  • Japanese: ワルツPronunciation for ワルツ
  • Korean: 왈츠Pronunciation for 왈츠
  • Norwegian: valsPronunciation for vals
  • Polish: walcPronunciation for walc
  • Portuguese: valsaPronunciation for valsa
  • Romanian: vals valsuri
  • Russian: вальсPronunciation for вальс
  • Spanish: valsPronunciation for vals
  • Swedish: valsPronunciation for valsdans
  • Thai: การเต้นรำจังหวะวอลทซ์Pronunciation for การเต้นรำจังหวะวอลทซ์
  • Turkish: valsPronunciation for vals
  • Ukrainian: вальс
  • Vietnamese: điệu waltzPronunciation for điệu waltz
  • British English: waltzPronunciation for waltz If you waltz with someone, you dance a waltz with them.`Waltz with me,' he said, taking her hand.wɔːls VERB
  • Arabic: يَرْقُصُ الفَالْسPronunciation for يَرْقُصُ الفَالْس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dançar valsaPronunciation for dançar valsa
  • Chinese: 跳华尔兹舞Pronunciation for 跳华尔兹舞
  • Croatian: plesati valcerPronunciation for plesati valcer
  • Czech: tančit valčíkPronunciation for tančit valčík zatančit valčík
  • Danish: danse valsPronunciation for danse vals
  • Dutch: walsenPronunciation for walsen
  • European Spanish: bailar el valsPronunciation for bailar el vals
  • Finnish: tanssia valssiaPronunciation for tanssia valssia
  • French: valserPronunciation for valser
  • German: Walzer tanzenPronunciation for Walzer tanzen
  • Greek: βαλσάρωPronunciation for βαλσάρω
  • Italian: ballare il valzerPronunciation for ballare il valzer
  • Japanese: ワルツを踊るPronunciation for ワルツを踊る
  • Korean: 왈츠를 추다Pronunciation for 왈츠를 추다
  • Norwegian: danse valsPronunciation for danse vals
  • Polish: zatańczyć walcaPronunciation for zatańczyć walca tańczyć walca
  • Portuguese: dançar a valsaPronunciation for dançar a valsa
  • Romanian: a valsa
  • Russian: вальсироватьPronunciation for вальсировать
  • Spanish: bailar el valsPronunciation for bailar el vals
  • Swedish: dansa valsPronunciation for dansa vals
  • Thai: เต้นรำจังหวะวอลทซ์Pronunciation for เต้นรำจังหวะวอลทซ์
  • Turkish: vals yapmakPronunciation for vals yapmak
  • Ukrainian: вальсувати
  • Vietnamese: nhảy điệu waltzPronunciation for nhảy điệu waltz
  • British English: waltz A waltz is a dance in which two people hold each other and move around the floor doing special steps in time to waltz music. NOUNThe dance instructor taught the foxtrot, the tango, and the waltz.dance
  • Brazilian Portuguese: valsa
  • Chinese: 华尔兹舞华華尔爾兹舞
  • European Spanish: vals
  • French: valse
  • German: Walzer
  • Italian: valzer
  • Japanese: ワルツ
  • Korean: 왈츠
  • Portuguese: valsa
  • Spanish: vals

Example Sentences Including 'waltz'

I want to give her a huge hug and waltz her around the room.
Alex George LOVE YOU MADLY (2002)
Momma and Tony took the center of the dance floor and the orchestra began to play a waltz.
Andrews, Virginia Web of Dreams
He lackadaisically watched the efforts of a couple of professional dancers, demonstrating an old-time waltz.
Maclean, Alistair The Lonely Sea


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