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warm up


verb (adverb)

  1. to make or become warm or warmer
  2. (intransitive) to exercise in preparation for and immediately before a game, contest, or more vigorous exercise
  3. to get ready for something important; prepare
  4. to run or operate (an engine, etc) until the normal working temperature or condition is attained, or (of an engine, etc) to undergo this process
  5. to make or become more animated or enthusiastic   ⇒ the party warmed up when Tom came
  6. to reheat (already cooked food) or (of such food) to be reheated
  7. (transitive) to make (an audience) relaxed and receptive before a show, esp a television comedy show


  1. a preparation or practice for activity or competition   ⇒ This is the World Cup, not a warm-up.,   ⇒ He's using this event as a warm-up for next month's Winter Olympics.,   ⇒ The exercises can be fun and a good warm-up for the latter part of the programme.,   ⇒ The criticism was merely a warm-up for what is being prepared for the finance minister.,   ⇒ The shows serve as a warm-up for the band's forthcoming tour.
  2. (sport) a number of exercises done to prepare the muscles for more strenuous activities   ⇒ A proper warm-up is vital in avoiding injury.,   ⇒ Even with a warm up, the first half mile is dreadful.


  1. (sport) preparatory; trial   ⇒ I slid into the water and did a couple of warm-up lengths.,   ⇒ a warm-up game,   ⇒ In a warm-up game for the World Cup, Uruguay have beaten England.


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= become warm, improve, brighten, get hotter

Translations for 'warm up'

  • British English: warm up If you warm something up, or if it warms up, it gets hotter.Have you warmed the milk up, Mum?wɔːm ʌp VERB
  • Arabic: يُسَخِّنُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aquecer
  • Chinese: 热身
  • Croatian: zagrijati
  • Czech: ohřát ohřívat
  • Danish: varme op
  • Dutch: opwarmen
  • European Spanish: calentarcalentarse
  • Finnish: lämmittää
  • French: réchauffer
  • German: erwärmen
  • Greek: ζεσταίνω
  • Italian: riscaldare
  • Japanese: 暖まる
  • Korean: 데우다
  • Norwegian: varme opp
  • Polish: rozgrzać rozgrzewać
  • Portuguese: aquecer
  • Romanian: a încălzi
  • Russian: разогревать(ся)
  • Spanish: calentar
  • Swedish: värma upp
  • Thai: ทำให้อุ่นขึ้น
  • Turkish: ısıtmak
  • Ukrainian: гріти(ся)
  • Vietnamese: hâm nóng

Example Sentences Including 'warm up'

A dozen or more UniVans were backed in, all with their engines running so that their cab heaters could warm up.
Stone had the vinyl cover up tight around his neck, blood starting to warm up , his whole body tingling.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
She would pass over the foodstuffs and get straight into a bath in order to warm up.
Martin, Joy The Image of Laura


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