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website  (ˈwɛbˌsaɪt



  1. a group of connected pages on the World Wide Web containing information on a particular subject

Translations for 'website'

  • British English: website A website is a set of data and information about a particular subject which is available on the Internet.ˈwɛbˌsaɪt NOUN
  • Arabic: مَوْقِعُ الويب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: websitesite da Internet
  • Chinese: 网站
  • Croatian: web stranica
  • Czech: webová stránka
  • Danish: hjemmeside
  • Dutch: website
  • European Spanish: sitio Web
  • Finnish: nettisivut
  • French: site web
  • German: Website Websites
  • Greek: διαδικτυακή τοποθεσία
  • Italian: sito web
  • Japanese: ウェブサイト
  • Korean: 웹사이트
  • Norwegian: nettside
  • Polish: strona internetowa
  • Portuguese: websitesite da Internet
  • Romanian: site web site-uri web
  • Russian: веб-сайт
  • Spanish: sitio Web
  • Swedish: webbplats
  • Thai: ที่อยู่ของเว็บบนระบบค้นหาและเข้าถึงข้อมูลบนอินเตอร์เน็ต
  • Turkish: internet sitesi
  • Ukrainian: веб-сайт
  • Vietnamese: trang web

Example Sentences Including 'website'

And, apart from the products on the K website , I don't know anything we produce for kids older than ten that doesn't have intrinsic value.
Scarlett Thomas POPCO (2004)
Instead she handed me a page she'd printed off from some news website , with the announcement about Jarawa's execution.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
He's wearing a nylon T-shirt he ordered from some clubbing website last year and a black fleece top with black fleece tracksuit bottoms.
Scarlett Thomas GOING OUT (2002)


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