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Definitions of wedding

wedding  (ˈwɛdɪŋ



    1. the act of marrying or the celebration of a marriage
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ wedding day
  1. the anniversary of a marriage (in such combinations as silver wedding or diamond wedding)
  2. the combination or blending of two separate elements


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= marriage, nuptials, wedding ceremony, marriage ceremony, marriage service, wedding service, nuptial rite, espousals

wed  (wɛd



Word forms:   weds,  wedding,  wedded,  wed
  1. to take (a person) as a husband or wife; marry
  2. (transitive) to join (two people) in matrimony
  3. (transitive) to unite closely

Word Origin

Old English weddian; related to Old Frisian weddia, Old Norse vethja, Gothic wadi pledge


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= get married to, espouse, get hitched to (slang), be united to, plight your troth to (old-fashioned), get spliced to (informal), take as your husband or wife
= get married, marry, be united, tie the knot (informal), take the plunge (informal), get hitched (slang), get spliced (informal), become man and wife, plight your troth (old-fashioned)

Translations for 'wedding'

  • British English: wedding A wedding is a marriage ceremony and the celebration that often takes place afterwards.Many couples want a big wedding.ˈwɛdɪŋ NOUN
  • Arabic: زِفَاف
  • Brazilian Portuguese: casamento
  • Chinese: 婚礼
  • Croatian: vjenčanje
  • Czech: svatba
  • Danish: bryllup
  • Dutch: bruiloft
  • European Spanish: boda
  • Finnish: häät
  • French: mariage
  • German: Hochzeit
  • Greek: γάμοςτελετή
  • Italian: matrimonio
  • Japanese: 結婚式
  • Korean: 결혼식
  • Norwegian: bryllup
  • Polish: ślub
  • Portuguese: casamento
  • Romanian: nuntă nunți
  • Russian: свадьба
  • Spanish: boda
  • Swedish: bröllop
  • Thai: การแต่งงาน
  • Turkish: düğün
  • Ukrainian: весілля
  • Vietnamese: lễ cưới

Example Sentences Including 'wedding'

She paid for her coffee and went to a street of jewellers nearby and had her wedding band sawn off.
Tamylan, the only slave she had been allowed to keep, helped her dress on the morning of the wedding.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
On the day of the wedding , he left her standing like a pillock at the register office.
Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002)


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