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Definitions of wee

wee1  (wiː



  1. very small; tiny; minute


  1. (mainly Scottish) a short time (esp in the phrase bide a wee.)

Word Origin

C13: from Old English wǣg weight


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= little, small, minute, tiny, miniature, insignificant, negligible, microscopic, diminutive, minuscule, teeny, itsy-bitsy (informal), teeny-weeny, Lilliputian, titchy (British) (informal), teensy-weensy, pygmy or pigmy

wee2  (wiː (British) (Australian) (New Zealand) (informal)



    1. the act or an instance of urinating
    2. urine


  1. (intransitive) to urinate
Also called: wee-wee

Word Origin

of unknown origin

Translations for 'wee'

  • British English: wee Wee means small in size or extent. ADJECTIVEHe just needs to calm down a wee bit.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pequenino
  • Chinese: > 小的尺寸、程度
  • European Spanish: pequeñito
  • French: petit petite
  • German: klein
  • Italian: piccolo piccola
  • Japanese: 小さい
  • Korean: 아주 작은
  • Portuguese: pequenino pequenina
  • Spanish: pequeñito

Example Sentences Including 'wee'

For some reason Colette took it into her head to check on her in the wee small hours.
Harcourt, Palma Double Deceit
OK, the wee bit of verse at the end, it's a riddle of course.
Anthony Masters CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD (2001)
He then went on to surprise him even further by suggesting a wee dram.
Peter Robinson AFTERMATH (2001)


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