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whimsical  (ˈwɪmzɪkəl



  1. spontaneously fanciful or playful
  2. given to whims; capricious
  3. quaint, unusual, or fantastic Also: whimmy

Derived Forms

whimsicality  (ˌwɪmzɪˈkælɪtɪ   noun
ˈwhimsically  adverb
ˈwhimsicalness  noun

Translations for 'whimsical'

  • British English: whimsical A whimsical person or idea is unusual, playful, and unpredictable, rather than serious and practical. ADJECTIVE...his offbeat sense of humor, his whimsical side.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: excêntrico
  • Chinese: 异想天开的异異想天开開的
  • European Spanish: caprichoso caprichosa
  • French: fantasque
  • German: wunderlich
  • Italian: estroso estrosa
  • Japanese: 気まぐれな
  • Korean: 엉뚱한
  • Portuguese: excêntrico excêntrica
  • Spanish: caprichoso caprichosa

Example Sentences Including 'whimsical'

He looked in the mirror in a sudden whimsical gesture at checking the matter.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2
When he came away from the phone there was a whimsical quirk to his eyebrows.
Curzon, Clare The Quest for K


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