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White Russian


adjective, noun

  1. another term for Belarussian

Example Sentences Including 'White Russian'

Dandy's maternal grandfather was a White Russian prince, and his paternal great-grandfather was Sicilian.
He fought hard until the Revolution, managed to escape being shot, despite being an officer, and then joined the White Russian forces.
Gunston, Bill Plane Speaking - a personal view of aviation history
I lunched at a place called L'Oiseau d'Or on the Île de la Cité, run by a White Russian called Vladimir Brolov.
Harcourt, Palma Double Deceit
Others in the party at St John's were a White Russian , Dimitri Poliakoff.
Haines, Pamela The Golden Lion
She was a White Russian by birth and was said to be a little eccentric, but everyone told us that she was a passionate animal lover.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
The White Russian , by Tom Bradby, Bantam Press, 445 pages, $25.95 There are times when only a fat, historical mystery will do.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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