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whiteout (ˈwaɪtaʊt) 



  1. an atmospheric condition consisting of loss of visibility and sense of distance and direction due to a uniform whiteness of a heavy cloud cover and snow-covered ground, which reflects almost all the light it receives   ⇒ Airports in Scotland had to be closed because of the whiteout.   ⇒ Conditions on the mountain were very dangerous and described as `a complete whiteout'.

White-Out® (ˈwaɪtˌaʊt) 



  1. (US) a proprietary brand of white correcting fluid

Example Sentences Including 'whiteout'

Dawn on 21 January 1985 revealed a complete Washington whiteout.
Jon Snow SHOOTING HISTORY: A Personal Journey (2004)
If it's a whiteout in your kitchen, liven things up by choosing funky shades for your domestic appliances
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
It was whiteout conditions throughout many areas today as frosts settled.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
LOCATION: Highway 89 near Cookstown DESCRIPTION: Shots of a 3-car pileup on Highway 89 near Cookstown as a result of whiteout conditions.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Then the onslaught, the irresistible brightening, until everything exploded in a total, dazzling whiteout.
Stewart, Michael Grace


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