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whodunnit or whodunit (huːˈdʌnɪt Pronunciation for )



  1. (informal) a novel, play, etc, concerned with a crime, usually murder

Example Sentences Including 'whodunnit'

) Airline Even Arthur Conan Doyle couldn't have penned a more gripping corporate whodunnit.
Business Today (2002)
Back in 1992, Maitland tried to flog his first attempt at a well-wrought mystery with a basic whodunnit element to an Australian publisher.
Misc (1999)
There is no mystery about ` whodunnit " here, the criminal is found in the first fifty pages.
Hamer, Diane & Budge, Belinda (eds) The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous
They do their research in detail so that the book becomes more than a whodunnit.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
You won't guess whodunnit , and you'll enjoy the usual English froth.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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