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whodunit or whodunnit (huːˈdʌnɪt)



  1. (informal) a novel, film or play about a murder in which the identity of the murderer remains a mystery until the end

whodunnit or whodunit (huːˈdʌnɪt Pronunciation for )



  1. (informal) a novel, play, etc, concerned with a crime, usually murder

Example Sentences Including 'whodunit'

*** BASIC This is a classic whodunit where the mystery isn't just the "who.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
Eventually they formed a literary club and wrote a play, a whodunit.
Benton, Jill Naomi Mitchison - A Century of Experiment in Life and Letters
Mr. Paradise The crime-fiction savant churns out another whodunit.
Maxim (2005)
Mystic River (MA): Clint Eastwood's gritty, urban whodunit.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)
North's explanation of what The Ambassadors means is as exciting as a classic whodunit , and puts every previous account in the shade.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
The usually discreet James Mason, with whom she made the all-star whodunit The Last of Sheila, called her'badly behaved'.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
They've disappeared because it's time for us to decide whodunit.
Babson, Marian Weekend for Murder


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