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widow  (ˈwɪdəʊ



  1. a woman who has survived her spouse, esp one who has not remarried
  2. (usually with a modifier) (informal) a woman whose spouse is often away from home indulging in a sport, etc   ⇒ a golf widow
  3. (printing) a short line at the end of a paragraph, esp one that occurs as the top line of a page or column Compare orphan (sense 3
  4. (in some card games) an additional hand or set of cards exposed on the table

verb (transitive; usually passive)

  1. to cause to become a widow or a widower
  2. to deprive of something valued or desirable

Derived Forms

ˈwidowhood  noun

Word Origin

Old English widuwe; related to German Witwe, Latin vidua (feminine of viduus deprived), Sanskrit vidhavā

Translations for 'widow'

  • British English: widow A widow is a woman whose husband has died.She became a widow a year ago.ˈwɪdəʊ NOUN
  • Arabic: أَرْمَلَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: viúva
  • Chinese: 寡妇
  • Croatian: udovica
  • Czech: vdova
  • Danish: enke
  • Dutch: weduwe
  • European Spanish: viuda
  • Finnish: leskinainen
  • French: veuve
  • German: Witwe
  • Greek: χήρα
  • Italian: vedova
  • Japanese: 未亡人
  • Korean: 과부
  • Norwegian: enke
  • Polish: wdowa
  • Portuguese: viúva
  • Romanian: văduvă văduve
  • Russian: вдова
  • Spanish: viuda
  • Swedish: änka
  • Thai: แม่หม้าย
  • Turkish: dulkocası/karısı ölmüş
  • Ukrainian: вдова
  • Vietnamese: bà góa
  • British English: widow If someone is widowed, their husband or wife dies. VERBMore and more young men are widowed by cancer.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: enviuvar
  • Chinese: 丧偶丧喪偶
  • European Spanish: enviudar
  • French: rendre veufN rendre veuve
  • German: verwitwen
  • Italian: rendere vedovo rendere vedova
  • Japanese: 配偶者に先立たれる>受身形で用いられる
  • Korean: 배우자를 잃다
  • Portuguese: enviuvar
  • Spanish: enviudar

Example Sentences Including 'widow'

At the sound of the widow 's voice, Stan seemed to come awake to the dreadful reality of her situation.
Pickard, Nancy No Body
Withington was no shrinking violet either, he was playing up to the widow for all he was worth.
MacLeod, Charlotte Something in the Water
She lived alone, with her cats, like a much older woman, and was very poor; only a widow 's pension.
Malcolm, John The Gwen John Sculpture


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