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Definitions of widowed

widowed  (ˈwɪdəʊd) 



  1. having become a widow or a widower   ⇒ In 1921, his widowed mother moved to Sydney.,   ⇒ a mother who tries to build a relationship with her widowed daughter,   ⇒ Imogen stayed with her widowed sister.,   ⇒ She spent 20 years looking after her widowed father.,   ⇒ Or a widowed man may strike up a friendship with his female neighbour.

widow  (ˈwɪdəʊ



  1. a woman who has survived her spouse, esp one who has not remarried
  2. (usually with a modifier) (informal) a woman whose spouse is often away from home indulging in a sport, etc   ⇒ a golf widow
  3. (printing) a short line at the end of a paragraph, esp one that occurs as the top line of a page or column Compare orphan (sense 3
  4. (in some card games) an additional hand or set of cards exposed on the table

verb (transitive; usually passive)

  1. to cause to become a widow or a widower
  2. to deprive of something valued or desirable

Derived Forms

ˈwidowhood  noun

Word Origin

Old English widuwe; related to German Witwe, Latin vidua (feminine of viduus deprived), Sanskrit vidhavā

Example Sentences Including 'widowed'

Archie Gillorn was not without an old man's delight in stratagem; there was to be a visiting niece, not long widowed.
Meek, M R D A Worm of Doubt
Malone, soured by the small encounter, pushed open the glass doors and went in to see the widowed Mrs Knoble.
Cleary, Jon Murder Song
She wondered if Mrs. Hale was married, widowed , or divorced.
Adams, N I.O.U. - Someone Has to Pay


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