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widowhood (ˈwɪdəʊhʊd) 



  1. the condition of being a widow
  2. the condition of being a widower

widow (ˈwɪdəʊ Pronunciation for widow



  1. a woman who has survived her husband, esp one who has not remarried
  2. (usually with a modifier) (informal) a woman whose husband frequently leaves her alone while he indulges in a sport, etc   ⇒ a golf widow
  3. (printing) a short line at the end of a paragraph, esp one that occurs as the top line of a page or column Compare orphan (sense 3)
  4. (in some card games) an additional hand or set of cards exposed on the table

verb (transitive; usually passive)

  1. to cause to become a widow or a widower
  2. to deprive of something valued or desirable

Derived Forms

ˈwidowhood noun

Word Origin

Old English widuwe; related to German Witwe, Latin vidua (feminine of viduus deprived), Sanskrit vidhavā

Example Sentences Including 'widowhood'

But he was alive to the currents of opinion that flowed from Victoria's enforced widowhood and withdrawal from public life.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Even widowhood suited her, Amy thought, like everything her mother did.
Thomas, Rosie The White Dove
Finally a band of Thracian women, tired of his attachment to widowhood , slice off his head.
Globe and Mail (2003)
In his years of widowhood , Earl Mountbatten was still a regular visitor to his Irish estate.
Geraghty, Tony The Bullet Catchers
Indeed, it's Cilla's pragmatism and, to be frank, balls, in her approach to her subsequent widowhood that makes me love her.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
Moreover, she looked ghastly, looked frail and thin and colourless, had aged shockingly in these months of widowhood.
Penman, Sharon Here Be Dragons
Once again, he returns to the subject of widowhood and desperate measures, though this time his story is a mostly true one.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Patsy Dillon -- a fast lady, slowed down, they said, neither by marriage nor widowhood.
Dare Call It Treason
The day they must go and collect a sum of money that is a reminder always of their widowhood.
India Today (1997)


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