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Wigan (ˈwɪɡən Pronunciation for Wigan



  1. an industrial town in NW England, in Wigan unitary authority, Greater Manchester: former coal-mining centre. Pop: 81 203 (2001)
  2. a unitary authority in NW England, in Greater Manchester. Pop: 303 800 (2003 est). Area: 199 sq km (77 sq miles)

Example Sentences Including 'Wigan'

ENGLISH -- SUPER LEAGUE: Widnes 8 Wigan 56. Rugby Union TEST MATCHES.
The Australian (2004)
I was deputy scorer for the Wigan Second Eleven at weekends, when Sunday School didn't intervene.
De Jong, Nicholas (ed) Bedside Guardian 38
Officers were led to the Wigan area following a call from a Crimewatch UK viewer, police said.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
That was on a par with playing at Wembley in'98 in the LDV final against Wigan.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2004)
The train had passed through Wigan and was well on its way to Preston when Crowther stood up.
Higgins, Jack A Season in Hell
This event will also feature Tom Sheehan's film on Selfish Cunt plus Mark Wigan 's installation on 20 Years Of British Club Culture.
NME (New Musical Express) (2005)
``Jason played here until he was about 17 when Wigan signed him and the next year he was playing against the Kiwis.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)


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