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Definitions of wilderness

wilderness  (ˈwɪldənɪs



  1. a wild, uninhabited, and uncultivated region
  2. any desolate tract or area
  3. a confused mass or collection
  4. See a voice in the wilderness

  5. See in the wilderness

Word Origin

Old English wildēornes, from wildēor wild beast (from wild + dēor beast, deer) + -ness; related to Middle Dutch wildernisse, German Wildernis


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= wilds, waste, desert, wasteland, uncultivated region
= tangle, confusion, maze, muddle, clutter, jumble, welter, congeries, confused mass, jungle

Wilderness  (ˈwɪldənɪs



  1. See the Wilderness

Translations for 'wilderness'

  • British English: wilderness A wilderness is a desert or other area of natural land which is not used by people. NOUN...the icy wilderness.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ermo
  • Chinese: 荒野
  • European Spanish: desierto
  • French: région sauvage
  • German: Wildnis
  • Italian: area disabitata
  • Japanese: 荒野
  • Korean: 황야
  • Portuguese: ermo
  • Spanish: desierto

Example Sentences Including 'wilderness'

He was not willing to leave them lying open in the wilderness for any eyes to see.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
No sign of human life as the vehicle headed steadily east into a wilderness.
Forbes, Colin Cover Story
But the difference was, the barbarians could afford to lose an occasional battle, then just fade back into the wilderness.
Smith, Mitchell Stone City


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