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windcheater (ˈwɪndˌtʃiːtə Pronunciation for windcheater



  1. a warm jacket, usually with a close-fitting knitted neck, cuffs, and waistband Also called: windjammer US name (trademark): Windbreaker,  (ˈwɪndˌbreɪkə Pronunciation for Austral name (trademark): Windcheater

Example Sentences Including 'windcheater'

At republican gatherings he used to wear a baseball cap tugged down low and the collar of his windcheater turned up.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
Fortyish, he wears worn jeans, frayed windcheater , runners and stubble.
The Australian (2004)
German looked a worried man, an impression enhanced by the hat pulled low over his forehead and the windcheater buttoned up to his neck.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
He just laughed and said no -- but he'd once had a windcheater that was a bit on the tight side.
Ian St James Awards At the Stroke of Twelve
She was wearing a white windcheater , zipped up to the neck and a white, pleated skirt.
Forbes, Colin Cover Story
The youngest, Aslam Jan -- who was fifteen -- wore sandals, jeans and a zip-up windcheater.
Shah, Idries Kara Kush


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