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Winter Olympics (ˈwɪntəʳ əˈlɪmpɪks) 


plural noun

  1. another name for Winter Olympic Games

Example Sentences Including 'Winter Olympics'

Chatterji chose Mother -- and won a ringside seat at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.
India Today (1997)
He was also a sportsman, a superb skier, coaching the British team in the 1936 Winter Olympics.
Patrick Bishop FIGHTER BOYS: Saving Britain 1940 (2003)
It was here in 1962 that four Vancouver businessmen proposed bringing the 1968 Winter Olympics.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The former national team cycling star is the only Canadian to win a medal at both a Summer and Winter Olympics.
CBC (2004)
The prince, making his fifth appearance as a bobsleigh driver at the Winter Olympics , and his crew walked away unhurt.
Glasgow Herald (2002)


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