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wiz (wɪz Pronunciation for wiz



  1. (informal) a variant spelling of whizz (sense 6)

Example Sentences Including 'wiz'

"I shouldn't tell you this," the ad wiz says, "but we've been using Tom Hanks ' mugshot on Lorrie Goldstein's column for more than a year.
Toronto Sun (2003)
David McLetchie says "good moaning "anyway, and Susan Deacon is referred to as "ze fallen Madonna wiz ze big boobies".
Sun, News of the World (2001)
For Never Never Land, Lavelle remains while studio wiz Richard File takes up behind the boards.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Mon chien has bad catarrh, mon chien has bad catarrh, And zat is ze reason why I have been greasin' My little dog's nose wiz taaarrh!
Tomas Graves TUNING UP AT DAWN: A Memoir of Music and Majorca (2004)
When you're a willow wiz , you can create magical living structures with English Hurdle's DIY kits.
Sun, News of the World (2001)


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