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xenophobe (ˈzɛnəˌfəʊb Pronunciation for xenophobe



  1. a person who hates or fears foreigners or strangers

Word Origin

C20: from Greek, from xeno- + -phobe

Example Sentences Including 'xenophobe'

27 February 2005 One does not have to be a xenophobe to regret the scarcity of Arsenal's home- grown players (last week).
Times, Sunday Times (2005)
Ralegh was no xenophobe , but he was an implacable enemy of Spain and therefore of James's rapprochement with Madrid.
Paul Hyland RALEGH'S LAST JOURNEY: A Tale of Madness, Vanity and Treachery (2003)
The emotional Left incorrectly sees Howard as an unbending xenophobe and sexist.
The Australian (2004)
You are not supposed to talk about this or Dick Roche will call you a xenophobe.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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