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Definitions of yielding

yielding  (ˈjiːldɪŋ



  1. compliant, submissive, or flexible
  2. pliable or soft   ⇒ a yielding material

Derived Forms

ˈyieldingly  adverb
ˈyieldingness  noun

yield  (jiːld



  1. to give forth or supply (a product, result, etc), esp by cultivation, labour, etc; produce or bear
  2. (transitive) to furnish as a return   ⇒ the shares yielded three per cent
  3. (transitive) often foll by up to surrender or relinquish, esp as a result of force, persuasion, etc
  4. (intransitive) sometimes foll by to to give way, submit, or surrender, as through force or persuasion   ⇒ she yielded to his superior knowledge
  5. (intransitive) often foll by to to agree; comply; assent   ⇒ he eventually yielded to their request for money
  6. (transitive) to grant or allow; concede   ⇒ to yield right of way
  7. (transitive) (obsolete) to pay or repay   ⇒ God yield thee!


  1. the result, product, or amount yielded
  2. the profit or return, as from an investment or tax
  3. the annual income provided by an investment, usually expressed as a percentage of its cost or of its current value   ⇒ the yield on these shares is 15 per cent at today's market value
  4. the energy released by the explosion of a nuclear weapon expressed in terms of the amount of TNT necessary to produce the same energy
  5. (chemistry) the quantity of a specified product obtained in a reaction or series of reactions, usually expressed as a percentage of the quantity that is theoretically obtainable

Derived Forms

ˈyieldable  adjective
ˈyielder  noun

Word Origin

Old English gieldan; related to Old Frisian jelda, Old High German geltan, Old Norse gjalda, Gothic gildan


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= bow, submit, give in, surrender, give way, succumb, cave in (informal), capitulate, knuckle under, resign yourself
= relinquish, resign, hand over, surrender, turn over, part with, make over, cede, give over, bequeath, abdicate, deliver up
= surrender, give up, give in, concede defeat, cave in (informal), throw in the towel, admit defeat, accept defeat, give up the struggle, knuckle under, raise the white flag, lay down your arms, cry quits
= produce, give, provide, pay, return, supply, bear, net, earn, afford, generate, bring in, furnish, bring forth

Example Sentences Including 'yielding'

Walsh's expression was bland, yielding nothing, waiting for the catch.
Parkes, Roger Riot
But all she could recall was a warm dark tenderness, a yielding , something absolute and mysterious.
Gee, Maggie Lost Children
There would be sweet talk, caresses and a long, soft yielding.
Pacter, Trudi Yellow Bird


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