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dimenticare (dimentiˈkare) 


transitive verb

    1. (gen) to forget
    2. (preoccupazioni) to forget (about)
    3. (omettere) to leave out

    dimenticare di fare qc to forget to do sth

    dimenticare o dimenticarsi qc to forget sth

    ho dimenticato il tuo numero di telefono I've forgotten your phone number

    ho dimenticato l'ombrello in ufficio I left my umbrella at the office

See dimenticarsi

'dimenticare' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: يَنْسَىPronunciation for يَنْسَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: esquecerPronunciation for esquecer
  • Chinese: 忘记Pronunciation for 忘记
  • Croatian: zaboravitiPronunciation for zaboraviti
  • Czech: zapomenoutPronunciation for zapomenout zapomínat
  • Danish: glemmePronunciation for glemme
  • Dutch: vergetenPronunciation for vergeten
  • European Spanish: olvidarPronunciation for olvidar
  • Finnish: unohtaaPronunciation for unohtaa
  • French: oublierPronunciation for oublier
  • German: vergessenPronunciation for vergessen
  • Greek: ξεχνώPronunciation for ξεχνώ
  • Italian: dimenticarePronunciation for dimenticare
  • Japanese: 忘れるPronunciation for 忘れる
  • Korean: 잊다Pronunciation for 잊다
  • Norwegian: glemmePronunciation for glemme
  • Polish: zapomniećPronunciation for zapomnieć zapominać
  • Portuguese: esquecerPronunciation for esquecer
  • Romanian: a uita
  • Russian: забыватьPronunciation for забывать
  • Spanish: olvidarPronunciation for olvidar
  • Swedish: glömmaPronunciation for glömma
  • Thai: ลืมPronunciation for ลืม
  • Turkish: unutmakPronunciation for unutmak
  • Ukrainian: забувати забути
  • Vietnamese: quênPronunciation for quên


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