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dividere (diˈvidere)   (irregular)


transitive verb

    1. (gen, also mathematics) to divide
    2. (compito, risorse) to share out
    3. (dolce) to divide (up)

    dividere in 5 parti/per 5 to divide o split into 5 parts/in 5

    dividere 100 per 2 to divide 100 by 2

    su questo argomento gli studiosi sono divisi scholars are divided on this matter

    si stavano picchiando e hanno dovuto dividerli they were fighting and had to be separated

    niente potrà dividerci nothing can come between us

    si sono divisi il bottino they split o divided the loot between them

    abbiamo diviso i soldi we shared out the money

    è diviso dalla moglie he's separated from his wife

  1. (condividere) to share

    non ho niente da dividere con te I have nothing in common with you

See dividersi

See dividersi

'dividere' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: يُقَسِّمُPronunciation for يُقَسِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dividirPronunciation for dividir
  • Chinese: 分开Pronunciation for 分开
  • Croatian: podijelitiPronunciation for podijeliti
  • Czech: rozdělitPronunciation for rozdělit rozdělovat
  • Danish: delePronunciation for dele
  • Dutch: verdelenPronunciation for verdelen
  • European Spanish: dividirPronunciation for dividirMatemáticas
  • Finnish: jakaaPronunciation for jakaaosiin
  • French: diviserPronunciation for diviser
  • German: trennenPronunciation for trennen
  • Greek: διαιρώPronunciation for διαιρώ
  • Italian: dividerePronunciation for dividere
  • Japanese: 分けるPronunciation for 分ける
  • Korean: ...을 나누다Pronunciation for ...을 나누다
  • Norwegian: delePronunciation for dele
  • Polish: podzielićPronunciation for podzielić dzielić
  • Portuguese: dividirPronunciation for dividir
  • Romanian: a împărți
  • Russian: разделятьPronunciation for разделять
  • Spanish: dividirPronunciation for dividir
  • Swedish: dela uppPronunciation for dela upp
  • Thai: แบ่งPronunciation for แบ่ง
  • Turkish: bölmekPronunciation for bölmek
  • Ukrainian: розділяти розділити
  • Vietnamese: chia táchPronunciation for chia tách
  • Arabic: يَقْسِمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dividir
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: dijeliti
  • Czech: dělit vydělitčísla
  • Danish: dele
  • Dutch: delen door
  • European Spanish: dividir
  • Finnish: jakaa
  • French: diviser
  • German: teilen
  • Greek: διαιρώ
  • Italian: dividere
  • Japanese: ・・・を割る
  • Korean: 나누다
  • Norwegian: dele
  • Polish: dzielić
  • Portuguese: dividir
  • Romanian: a împărți
  • Russian: делить
  • Spanish: dividir
  • Swedish: dividera
  • Thai: หาร
  • Turkish: bölmek
  • Ukrainian: ділити поділити
  • Vietnamese: chia
  • Brazilian Portuguese: polarizar
  • Chinese: 使...极化使...极極化
  • European Spanish: polarizar
  • French: polariser
  • German: polarisieren
  • Italian: dividere
  • Japanese: 二極化させる/二極化する
  • Korean: 양극화하다
  • Portuguese: polarizar
  • Spanish: polarizar


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