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Definition of Adorkable

A person or object who is adorable and also a dork or are doing something that is geekish to make them adorable.

Comments on Adorkable

Comment bylilmiss.cheerful on 12 Jun 2014
Comment byTalkTalkTalk on 11 Jun 2014

"A person or *object* who is adorable and also a dork" Can an object be a dork?

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Comment bymoonblossom.manwise on 11 Jun 2014


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Comment byMyLittlePony on 11 Jun 2014

Thank you, MLP:FiM fans! Twilight Sparkle being "adorkable" is now proper English! However, that is still a typo according to my computer. Hopefully this will change. Twilight Sparkle for best adorkable pony! Picture of her adorkable face:

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