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Definition of Sapiosexual

One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature; behaviour of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.

Additional Information

Sapiosexual is a neologism word (recently constructed word) that has come into common usage;, especially on social networking sites where some people are self-identifying as sapiosexual. Origins: From Latin root sapien, wise or intelligent, and Latin sexualis, relating to the sexes.

Comments on Sapiosexual

Comment by Rodgerwil on 28 Mar 2016

@PHTRANS or just PHTRANS, hopefully this tag will work as this site does not allow for direct messaging. I actually went through the effort of creating an account to ask you a question. In no means do I intend to be insulting, but an actually curious if you have a background in etymology.

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Comment by ramonsitoci on 13 Feb 2016

Haha.. I'll have to join janelle.daly.chastain on this one.. every single word! In fact..The only thing that ur proving by those coments, is that ur in fact not as intelligent (as u claim to be.. )at all!.. Funny tho ^^

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Comment by Lanelle.Daly.Chastain on 22 Jan 2015

You people are absolutely hilarious. Colleen, please as you pointed out, re-read the post...there is an error. You're all pecking away at your keyboards so rudely maligning each other. How sad is this? I was hoping to see some commentary, not a bunch of people trying to prove how much smarter they are than the next person. Get over yourselves.

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Comment by colleenskelly1 on 13 Dec 2014

Reread*. Freudian slip ;)

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Comment by colleenskelly1 on 13 Dec 2014

It is unfortunate that drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr took the time required to create a password and write a long rant about how r.bannon87 misused "your" versus "you're." Maybe you should have simply retread the r.bannon87 posting one more time. There is no such misuse. Not clever. Get "your" ducks in a row before you slam someone.

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Comment by PHTRANS on 13 Jul 2014

If you are inventing a word from Latin roots, why not have a degree of respect for the language you are using? If you do not you will convince those who do not read latin that the root "sapiont" exists.. The root is e as in sapiens , not o as that would retrovert to sapions Sapiesexual doesn't quite sound as pc as hetero or homo sexual though does it? Sapiensexual iis not cool either. Which is why perhaps you need to check what class of prefix hetero and homo are. Sapie is not a prefix, but is a little of an afterfix in the wrong place. Anyway,I find intelligence a total turn-on, as I am a bit thick myself...

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Comment by ashZA on 11 Jun 2014

Not any worse of a word than other recent additions to our language. The language is evolving as it always has. Resistance is futile.

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Comment by blancasd on 15 May 2014

Irony: Using "Sapiophile" or "Sapiosexual", made up words, to describe how you're turned on by intelligence. Seriously, has anyone ever been turned on by how dumb someone is? "Oh my, his stupidity makes me moist!" Said no one ever.

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Comment by markpostgate on 7 Sep 2013

Will the use of the word in literature help? I've written a poem to popularize its usage.

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Comment by racebaker on 28 May 2013

This isn't a real word. Makes no sense as a sexual orientation. Only pretentious pseudo-intellectuals would use such a thing. Just say you're turned on by intelligence. There.

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