#Twictionary Winner Revealed! Which Word Has Twitter Voted into Collins Dictionary?

Posted by Collins Language @ Tuesday 10 June 2014

And the #Twictionary winner is…

adorkable (əˈdɔːkəbəl) adj slang
socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way

The interactive map shows how the top three words have spread across the world in 2014. Map and graph reproduced courtesy of Simon Rogers.

With 30% of the vote, and despite a strong rally by ‘felfie’ fans, adorkable will be entering the 12th print edition of the Collins English Dictionary!

We loved reading the #Twictionary votes, debates and tweets from around the world, as ‘nomakeupselfie’ devotees tackled ‘fatberg’ fans.

However, adorkable - a strong contender from the start - came through to win the coveted dictionary spot. The winning word is a more than worthy addition to any dictionary.

A blog post on The Economist asked in response to the vote: “Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this one? It’s useful, needed even: we all have our favourite adorkable people…It’s not a traditional portmanteau: ‘dork’ has been stuck in the middle of ‘adorable’ rather than being fused at one end. Many journalists are former dorks: it’s nice to reclaim this word with pride and even make an endearing adjective of it.”

1. Adorkable - 30%
2. Felfie - 22%
3. Fatberg - 13%

4th and 5th positions were taken by nomakeupselfie (a selfie of a woman without her make-up, posted online to raise awareness for a charity) and gaybourhood (a gay-friendly neighbourhood, eg Castro in San- Francisco).

While the former was coined to describe a particular social media phenomenon started by Cancer Research UK in 2013, use of gaybourhood on Twitter has grown steadily since its first appearance in a tweet in March 2006. View the full Twictionary results here.

How did we pick the contenders?

Each of the nine contenders were all submitted by the public on collinsdictionary.com, and then analysed by Collins Dictionary lexicographers against the Collins Corpus – an enormous database of over 4.5 billion words and definitions that is updated daily - and Twitter to determine usage levels.

Using Twitter data alongside our Corpus is a natural extension of our established process.

The data reveals that adorkable was first used on Twitter in March 2007, peaked in January 2012 and has now settled into a steady and rising pattern of use, establishing adorkable as a popular word in general use which is here to stay.

Want to get a word in next time?

Think the dictionary is missing a great word? Then suggest your word now.

Plus check our regular blogger Lucy Mangan for her regular thoughts on your submissions.

We’ll leave you with Lucy’s thoughts on adorkable:

“The people - or at least the tweeple - have spoken! "Adorkable" is the word they can't be without. Into the dictionary it goes, allowing Collins to close the gap between the recording of a living language and its movements in the real world more than ever before - the goal of every compiler since Dr Johnson first scrawled "aardvark - giant, armoured woodlouse" on his big papery thing tied up with string and kicked off the whole fascinating, frustrating, elusive, addictive process. At last the internet starts giving something back to word nerds.”

Let us know what you think of the winner in the comments below!

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