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'abbreviation: text messaging'

A3anytime, anywhere, anyplaceAAMas a matter of factAFAIKas far as I knowAFKaway from keyboardal2gethraltogetherALrltall rightATBall the bestATKat the keyboardATMat the momentATTNattentionBbeB4beforeBAKback at keyboardBBLbe back laterBCNUbe seeing youBFboyfriendBFN or B4Nbye for nowBK or COZbecauseBRbathroomBRBbe right backBRTbe right thereBSbullshitBWDbackwardBYbusyCsee CIAOgoodbyeCMIIWcorrect me if I'm wrongCUsee youCUL8Rsee you laterCYAsee youDMdirect messageDWdon't worryEVReverEZeasyFCfingers crossedFOMOfear of missing outFONEphone4for or four4EVAfor everF2Tfree to talkFWDforwardFWIWfor what it's worthFYIfor your informationGALget a lifeGCgroup chatG9geniusGFgirlfriendGGgood gameGGG or GGLgiggleGOATgreatest of all timeGMTAgreat minds think alikeGR8greatHANDhave a nice dayH8hateHDholdHMUhit me upICI seeICYMIin case you missed itIDCI don't careIDDindeedIDKI don't knowIIRCif I remember correctlyIKRI know, right?ILU or ILYI love youILUSM or ILYSMI love you so muchIMHOin my humble or honest opinionIMNSHOin my not so humble opinionIMOin my opinionIOWin other wordsIRLin real lifeIRWin the real worldIFYWIMAITYDif you know what I mean and I think you doKokayKISSkeep it simple, stupidKITkeep in touchKMSkill myselfL8lateL8RlaterLDRlong-distance relationshipLMKlet me knowLOhelloLOLlaughing out loudLTNSlong time no seeLUVloveLZloserM8mateMFWmy face whenMSGmessageMTemptyMTGmeetingNBDno big dealNEanyNE1anyoneNjoyenjoyNO1no-oneNPno problemNRNno reply necessaryNSFWnot safe for workOFCof courseOFNoftenOICoh I seeOMGoh my God!OMWon my wayOPoriginal posterPCMplease call mePLSpleasePLUpeople like usPPLpeoplePRTpartyPRWparents are watchingQqueueQLcoolQTquietRareRGDSregardsRNright nowROFLrolling on floor laughingROFLOLrolling on floor laughing out loudROTFLrolling on the floor laughingROTFLOLrolling on the floor laughing out loudRUOKare you OK?SITstay in touchSK8skateSMso muchSMHshaking my headSOsignificant otherSOHFsense of humour failureSOM1someoneTBHto be honestTBTthrowback ThursdayTFWthat feel whenTHX or TXthanksTi2GOtime to go2to, too, or two2DAYtoday2MOROtomorrow2NITEtonightTL; DRtoo long; didn't readTTYLtalk to you laterTXTtextTYthank youTYSMthank you so muchUyouU2you tooU4Eyours for everURyou are or yourVveryW8waitWADYAwhat do youWAN2want toWAN2TLKwant to talk?WBwelcome backWBYwhat about you?W/EwhateverWKweekWKNDweekendWIVwithW/OwithoutWOTwhatWRTwith regards toWTGway to go!WYDwhat (are) you doing?Xkissas a symbol for a kiss in letters, etc. XLNTexcellentXOXOhugs and kisses ▷ See abbreviation


Wortliste von abbreviation: text messaging aus dem Collins Englische Wortlisten
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