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'Shades from black to white'

asha light silvery grey colour, often with a brownish tinge blackthe colour of jet or carbon black, having no hue due to the absorption of all or nearly all incident light charcoal greya very dark grey colour creama yellowish-white colour ebonya black colour, sometimes with a dark olive tinge eggshella yellowish-white colour greya neutral tone, intermediate between black and white, that has no hue and reflects and transmits only a little light gunmetalany of various dark grey metals used for toys, belt buckles, etc ivorya yellowish-white colour jeta deep glossy black off-whitea colour, such as cream or bone, consisting of white mixed with a tinge of grey or with a pale hue oyster whitea greyish-white colour pearla pale greyish-white colour, often with a bluish tinge pewtera bluish-grey colour pitch-blackextremely dark; unlitplatinuma medium to light grey colour puttya colour varying from a greyish-yellow to a greyish-brown or brownish-grey ravena shiny black coloursablethe colour of sable fur: a dark brown to yellowish-brown coloursilvera brilliant or light greyish-white colour slatea dark grey colour, often with a purplish or bluish tinge steel greya dark grey colour, usually slightly purple stoneany of various dull grey colours whitea white colour ▷ See black


Wortliste von Shades from black to white aus dem Collins Englische Wortlisten
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