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'clothes: types of clothes'

academic dressarmourbabywearbeachwearblack tiecanonicalscivvies or civiescivilian dress as opposed to uniform clericalscoordinatescoverallsevening dressattire for wearing at a formal occasion during the evening, esp (for men) a dinner jacket and black tie, or (less commonly, for women) a floor-length gown fancy dressfatiguesspecial clothing worn by military personnel to carry out such duties froufrouHighland dresshosehosieryknitwearlingeriewomen's underwear and nightwear liverythe identifying uniform, badge, etc, of a member of a guild or one of the servants of a feudal lord long-coats or (archaic) long clothesmillinerymorning dressmufticivilian dress, esp as worn by a person who normally wears a military uniform neckweararticles of clothing, such as ties, scarves, etc, worn around the neck nightclothesnightwearovergarmentssackclothsamfooseparatesskivvies mainly US, slang)men's underwear slopsclothing, bedding, etc. issued or sold to sailors sportswearswaddling clothesswimwearthe clothing people wear for swimming undergarmentsunderthingsgirls' or women's underwear underwearclothing worn under the outer garments, usually next to the skin uniformweeperswhite tiea white bow tie worn as part of a man's formal evening dress widow's weeds ▷ See clothes


Wortliste von clothes: types of clothes aus dem Collins Englische Wortlisten
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