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in the sense of crack
a narrow opening or fissure
She watched him though a crack in the curtains.
in the sense of fissure
any long narrow cleft or crack, esp. in a rock
There was a great crack, and a fissure opened up.
in the sense of gap
a break or opening in something
the wind tearing through gaps in the window frames
in the sense of hole
an opening in or through something
They got in through a hole in the wall.kids with holes in the knees of their jeans
in the sense of interstice
a small gap or crack between things
in the sense of orifice
an opening or hole through which something can pass, esp. one in the body such as the mouth or anus
Viruses get into the body via any convenient orifice.
in the sense of passage
a channel or opening providing a way through
cells that line the air passages
in the sense of rent
welling up from a rent in the ground
in the sense of rift
a gap or space made by splitting
In the open bog are many rifts and potholes.
in the sense of slit
a long narrow cut or opening
She watched them through a slit in the curtain.

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