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in the sense of fruitful
bearing much fruit
a landscape that was fruitful and lush
in the sense of inventive
creative and resourceful
It inspired me to be more inventive with my cooking.
in the sense of lush
(of vegetation) growing thickly and healthily
the lush green meadows
in the sense of luxuriant
rich and abundant
wide spreading branches and luxuriant foliage
in the sense of plenteous
producing abundantly
The harvest is truly plenteous.
in the sense of plentiful
a celebration that gives thanks for a plentiful harvest
in the sense of prolific
rich or fruitful
Closer planting will give you a more prolific crop.
in the sense of prolific
producing a constant creative output
a prolific writer of novels and short stories
in the sense of resourceful
capable and full of initiative
Her mother was a resourceful woman.
in the sense of rich
producing abundantly
Farmers grow rice in the rich soil.

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