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to prove (a statement or theory) to be false or incorrect
It was the kind of rumour that is impossible to refute.
The statistics disprove his hypothesis.
The union countered with letters rebutting the company's claim.
, ,
prove false
, , ,
I can neither negate nor affirm this claim.
She spent most of the speech rebutting criticisms.
give the lie to
blow out of the water (slang)


The use of refute to mean deny as in I'm not refuting the fact that is thought by some people to be incorrect. In careful writing it may be advisable to use refute only where there is an element of disproving something through argument and evidence, as in we haven't got evidence to refute their hypothesis.

Zusätzliche Synonyme

in the sense of confute
to prove to be wrong
set aside,
prove false,
blow out of the water (slang),
in the sense of counter
to say or do (something) in retaliation or response
The union countered with letters rebutting the company's claim.
in the sense of negate
to deny the existence of
I can neither negate nor affirm this claim.

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