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in the sense of feint
a misleading movement designed to distract an opponent, such as in boxing or fencing
a tiny feint or lunge to one side
in the sense of gambit
an opening remark or action intended to gain an advantage
They said the plan was no more than a clever political gambit.
in the sense of intrigue
secret plotting
the plots and intrigues in the novel
in the sense of manoeuvre
a contrived, complicated, and possibly deceptive plan or action
manoeuvres to block the electoral process
in the sense of plan
a method thought out for doing or achieving something
She met her creditors to propose a plan for making repayments.
in the sense of plot
a secret plan for an illegal purpose
a plot to overthrow the government
in the sense of ploy
a manoeuvre designed to gain an advantage in a situation
a cynical marketing ploy
in the sense of ruse
an action or plan intended to mislead someone
This was a ruse to divide them.
in the sense of scheme
a secret plot
a quick money-making scheme
in the sense of subterfuge
a trick or deception used to achieve an objective
Most people can see right through that type of subterfuge.

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