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In architecture, authenticity can be a stumbling block: what on earth is 'authentic' here? Times, Sunday Times (2014)Fees should not be a stumbling block. The Sun (2011)Capturing the theme proved a stumbling block for some people. Times, Sunday Times (2011)A stumbling block, however, remains how to pay for any new contests. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The near 30,000 asking price even for basic models will be a stumbling block. The Sun (2016)But sadly, her second marriage hit a stumbling block. The Sun (2014)Don't let frustration be a stumbling block. The Sun (2015)That could be a stumbling block, with the player's injury history. The Sun (2009)But the switch hit a stumbling block last week over third-party ownership. The Sun (2013)Working under a sporting director would not be a stumbling block for any of them. The Sun (2016)

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