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Synonyme von "aroma"
Synonyme von "aroma"
Deutsch Definition von "aroma"
Deutsch Definition von "aroma"
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Pronunciation Playlists
Wort des Tages : faites vos jeux
Wort des Tages : faites vos jeux
Spanisch Definition von "aroma"
Spanisch Definition von "aroma"
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Small bubbles were the worst in terms of aroma release. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The vineyards lie on a granite mixture which gives the wines their wonderful fruity aromas of apricots and peaches. Times, Sunday Times (2017)Picking them, I could smell no onion aroma and it turned out they were only grass. Times, Sunday Times (2017)Just the aroma of coffee can give me a little boost. The Sun (2011)They quickly yielded up their aromas and flavours. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The eggs will absorb the aroma and taste of truffle when cooked. Times, Sunday Times (2007)They have identified which strain of added yeast most influences the distinctive aroma. The Sun (2012)Your house will be filled with the most wonderful aromas. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Lightly crush the rosemary to release the aroma. Times, Sunday Times (2009)You could almost smell the aroma of taxi fumes and expensive cigarettes. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Our house is always filled with delicious aromas of baking muffins and simmering sauces. Kowalski, Robert E The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure (1990)Craft beer has complex flavours and aromas with a high alcohol content. Times, Sunday Times (2015)It will go much darker and become less pungent in both taste and aroma. The Sun (2013)Indian food brings out the wonderful perfumes and aromas in the spices. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The scents are said be welcoming and to cover up cooking aromas or pet smells. Times, Sunday Times (2014)An aroma that quickly filled the whole house. The Sun (2013)But some days you can take a deep breath and still enjoy the distinctive aroma of organic fertiliser. Times, Sunday Times (2013)It enhances the flavour and aroma. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Then add the red curry paste and cook for a couple of minutes and stir until it begins to release its aroma. The Sun (2013)It had quite a pleasant aroma, which was reassuring. Times, Sunday Times (2010)My bathroom is stinking hot, and the beer is giving off a strong aroma. The Sun (2013)The shopping street edged nearer the river bridge and an aroma of roasting coffee mixed with diesel fumes from a tight lorry jam. Hyland, Paul Indian Balm - Travels in the Southern Subcontinent (1994)Mild when young, it gains an intense and rich aroma and strong flavour with age. Millon, Kim & Millon, Marc The Wine Roads of France (1989)The criteria were taste, aroma and appearance. The Sun (2009)It had quite a distinctive, lingering aroma. The Sun (2009)This can take up to an hour but it's undemanding and fills the house with wonderful aromas. Times, Sunday Times (2015)It gives off a particular aroma, pleasant or foul according to the layer closest to the surface and additionally by reference to its overall content. Christopher Ross TUNNEL VISIONS: Journeys of an Underground Philosopher (2001)If bad air brought disease, it was reasonable to imagine that good air offered some form of protection: a pleasant aroma was a healing aroma. Jack Turner SPICE: The History of a Temptation (2004)

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Übersetzungen für aroma

Britisches Englisch: aroma /əˈrəʊmə/ NOUN
An aroma is a strong pleasant smell.
...the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread.
  • Amerikanisches Englisch: aroma
  • Arabisch: عَبِير
  • Brasilianisches Portugiesisch: aroma
  • Chinesisch: 芳香
  • Kroatisch: aroma
  • Tschechisch: aróma
  • Dänisch: aroma
  • Niederländisch: aroma
  • Europäisches Spanisch: aroma
  • Finnisch: aromi
  • Französisch: arôme
  • Deutsch: Aroma
  • Griechisch: άρωμα
  • Italienisch: aroma
  • Japanisch: 芳香
  • Koreanisch: 방향
  • Norwegisch: aroma
  • Polnisch: aromat
  • Europäisches Portugiesisch: aroma
  • Rumänisch: aromă
  • Russisch: аромат
  • Spanisch: aroma
  • Schwedisch: arom
  • Thai: กลิ่นหอม
  • Türkisch: koku
  • Ukrainisch: пахощі
  • Vietnamesisch: hương thơm


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