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Spray leaves with foliar feed every two to three weeks. The Sun (2011)While they're growing use a foliar feed of seaweed extract to prolong leaf life and increase vigour. Times, Sunday Times (2016)This foliar feed will boost the plants' immune systems and help them combat pests and diseases naturally. The Sun (2011)If time doesn't allow for that, a foliar feed of seaweed extract should pep things up. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Once the fruit is set the trees are given a weekly foliar feed, an organic seaweed-based liquid, to ensure juicy fruit. Times, Sunday Times (2008)For shrubs, seaweed can be used as a foliar feed (applied to the leaves): it really seems to make a difference, particularly to evergreens. Times, Sunday Times (2017)Pick off dead leaves, and give them an occasional foliar feed to keep them in top condition. Times, Sunday Times (2008)

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