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Spanisch Definition von "food allergy"
Spanisch Definition von "food allergy"
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Food intolerance is different from food allergy, though. The Sun (2015)It can also result from food allergy or insect stings. Houston Chronicle (2010)As to why the incidence of food allergy is increasing, no one knows. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Media coverage has not always furthered understanding, but there is a distinction between food allergy and intolerance. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Unfortunately, people use the term food allergy very loosely to describe food aversion or intolerance. Times, Sunday Times (2009)From 51 complaints, the agencies culled 28 people whose symptoms and circumstances matched a food allergy, then examined blood samples from 17 of them. The Scientist (2001)One in five of us has an intolerance or food allergy, but we are not up to speed. The Sun (2015)Apps already developed by businesses and charities include one for food allergy sufferers that scans barcodes to warn them if the item has dangerous ingredients. Times, Sunday Times (2012)If one twin has a food allergy, for instance, there's only an 80 per cent chance their sibling has the same condition. The Sun (2013)There is less support for asthma and eczema and very little to support the view that the hygiene hypothesis explains the rise in food allergy. Times, Sunday Times (2010)

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