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Synonyme von "food for thought"
Synonyme von "food for thought"
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Beispielsätze, die food for thought enthalten

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Your experts have certainly given me some food for thought. Times, Sunday Times (2016)And my memories certainly give me food for thought. Times, Sunday Times (2007)It's a film that should give stockbrokers food for thought. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Certainly gives you food for thought, doesn't it? The Sun (2009)United on Sunday will have given him food for thought over his selection for next week's friendly. Times, Sunday Times (2008)A draw gives us food for thought, more so when it's at home. Times, Sunday Times (2009)HOSPITAL nurses have been given food for thought with a plan to make them report patients' missed meals in the same way that drug errors are monitored. Times, Sunday Times (2006)

Synonyme von food for thought

mental nourishment, mental stimulation, food for the mind

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Definition von food for thought aus Collins Englische Sprache
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