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  1. (= 交纳) pay (pt, pp paid)
    ⇒ 房客还没有交付租金。 (Fángkè hái méiyǒu jiāofù zūjīn.) The tenant has not yet paid his rent.
  2. (= 交给) hand ... over
    ⇒ 交付任务 (jiāofù rènwù) hand over a task
    ⇒ 那座新的办公楼即将交付使用。 (Nà zuò xīn de bàngōng lóu jíjiāng jiāofù shǐyòng.) That new office building is about to be made available for use.

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'交付' in Other Languages

British English: deliver /dɪˈlɪvə/ VERB
If you deliver something somewhere, you take it there.
The government plans to deliver more food to southern Somalia.
  • American English: deliver
  • Arabic: يُسَلِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: entregar
  • Chinese: 交付
  • Croatian: dostaviti
  • Czech: dodat zásilky
  • Danish: aflevere
  • Dutch: leveren
  • European Spanish: entregar llevar
  • Finnish: toimittaa lähetys tms.
  • French: livrer
  • German: liefern
  • Greek: παραδίδω
  • Italian: consegnare
  • Japanese: 配達する
  • Korean: (...에 ...을) 전하다
  • Norwegian: levere
  • Polish: dostarczyć
  • European Portuguese: entregar
  • Romanian: a livra
  • Russian: доставлять
  • Latin American Spanish: entregar
  • Swedish: leverera
  • Thai: ส่งมอบ
  • Turkish: teslim etmek
  • Ukrainian: доставляти
  • Vietnamese: phát

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Translation of 交付 from the Collins Chinese to English
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