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  1. increase
    ⇒ 增加人民收入 (zēngjiā rénmín shōurù) increase people's income

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'增加' in Other Languages

British English: add /æd/ VERB
put with If you add one thing to another, you put it with the other thing.
Add the water to the flour.
  • American English: add
  • Arabic: يُضِيفُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: adicionar
  • Chinese: 增加
  • Croatian: dodati
  • Czech: přidat
  • Danish: tilføje
  • Dutch: toevoegen
  • European Spanish: añadir
  • Finnish: lisätä
  • French: ajouter
  • German: hinzufügen
  • Greek: προσθέτω
  • Italian: aggiungere
  • Japanese: 足す
  • Korean: 추가하다
  • Norwegian: tilføye
  • Polish: dodać dołączać
  • European Portuguese: adicionar
  • Romanian: a adăuga
  • Russian: прибавлять
  • Latin American Spanish: añadir
  • Swedish: lägga till
  • Thai: เติม
  • Turkish: eklemek
  • Ukrainian: додавати
  • Vietnamese: thêm
British English: boost /buːst/ VERB
If one thing boosts another, it causes it to increase, improve, or be more successful.
It wants the government to take action to boost the economy.
  • American English: boost
  • Arabic: يُعْزِز
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aumentar
  • Chinese: 增加
  • Croatian: poticati
  • Czech: posílit
  • Danish: forbedre
  • Dutch: stimuleren
  • European Spanish: estimular
  • Finnish: vahvistaa vauhdittaa, voimistaa
  • French: revigorer
  • German: ankurbeln Motivation
  • Greek: ανυψώνω
  • Italian: aumentare
  • Japanese: 高める
  • Korean: 끌어올리다
  • Norwegian: forsterke
  • Polish: podwyższyć
  • European Portuguese: aumentar
  • Romanian: a spori
  • Russian: стимулировать
  • Latin American Spanish: estimular
  • Swedish: hjälpa upp
  • Thai: ส่งเสริม
  • Turkish: yüreklendirmek
  • Ukrainian: підвищувати
  • Vietnamese: đẩy mạnh
British English: increase /ˈɪnkriːs/ VERB
If something increases or you increase it, it becomes greater in number, level, or amount.
The population continues to increase.
The company has increased the price of its cars.
  • American English: increase
  • Arabic: يَزِيدُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aumentar
  • Chinese: 增加
  • Croatian: narasti
  • Czech: zvýšit
  • Danish: forøge
  • Dutch: vermeerderen
  • European Spanish: aumentar
  • Finnish: lisääntyä
  • French: augmenter
  • German: erhöhen
  • Greek: αυξάνω
  • Italian: aumentare
  • Japanese: 増す
  • Korean: 증가하다
  • Norwegian: øke
  • Polish: wzrosnąć
  • European Portuguese: aumentar
  • Romanian: a crește
  • Russian: увеличивать
  • Latin American Spanish: aumentar
  • Swedish: öka
  • Thai: เพิ่มขึ้น
  • Turkish: artmak
  • Ukrainian: підвищувати
  • Vietnamese: tăng
British English: multiply /ˈmʌltɪˌplaɪ/ VERB
When something multiplies, or when you multiply it, it increases greatly in number or amount.
He multiplied his demands on her time.
  • American English: multiply
  • Arabic: يَتَكَاثَرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: multiplicar
  • Chinese: 增加
  • Croatian: množiti
  • Czech: násobit
  • Danish: multiplicere
  • Dutch: vermenigvuldigen
  • European Spanish: multiplicar
  • Finnish: moninkertaistua
  • French: multiplier
  • German: multiplizieren
  • Greek: πολλαπλασιάζω
  • Italian: moltiplicare
  • Japanese: 増す
  • Korean: 증대시키다
  • Norwegian: multiplisere
  • Polish: pomnożyć
  • European Portuguese: multiplicar
  • Romanian: a înmulți
  • Russian: умножать
  • Latin American Spanish: multiplicar
  • Swedish: multiplicera
  • Thai: คูณ
  • Turkish: çarpmak matematik
  • Ukrainian: помножувати
  • Vietnamese: nhân
British English: augment VERB
To augment something means to make it larger, stronger, or more effective by adding something to it.
While searching for a way to augment the family income, she began making dolls.
British English: up VERB
If you up something such as the amount of money you are offering for something, you increase it.
He upped his offer for the company.

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